Download 6 free chatbots that you can sell to business owners for $250 - $1,000+ each.
Download 6 free chatbots that you can sell to business owners for $250 - $1,000+ each.
Why Do Businesses Need Chatbots? 
Facebook Messenger Chatbots make it easy for busy business owners start conversations, build relationships, and sell to their customers at SCALE
Who Are The Chatbot Templates For?
(Who Can I $ell Them To?)
Car Dealers
My name is Dashin Simmons and I'm from a small town in South Carolina. My whole life I've tried business after business and have failed numerous times. When I was 23 that all changed. I was introduced to SMMA and it changed my life.

At the time I was introduced to SMMA my car was about to be repossessed, my lights, water, wifi, and cable were all off and I decided that enough was enough. I quit my job with my back against the wall and went all in on myself and my agency.

My just my first month I made over $8,000. This was the most money I had ever made in a month. I was officially hooked. I continued to work until I brought my agency to over $14,000 per month. I was literally able to redesign myself and create my dream life.

Now, I'm so passionate about teaching my students to do the same, because it's the one thing that gave me the lifestyle I dreamed of.
-Dashin Simmons
Marcus Guiliano
(Restaurant Owner & Coach)
Eric Pearce
(Agency Owner & Inner Circle Member)
Ravi Pandya
(Agency Owner & Inner Circle Member)
Rohail Ali
(Agency Owner & Inner Circle Member)
Rosa Escobar
(Realtor - Keller Williams)
Aisha Nauling
(Komplete Xpertise)
Gerson Ortiz
(Agency Owner & Inner Circle Member)